How to Improve Innovative skills


Start with deliberate action innovation

Do not wait for innovation to hit you as you go about your daily life. Innovation is a skill that needs practice it all the time. If you read these tips and make you a promise that when you wake up tomorrow you will try and do all of them, you have begun to be new.

challenge leads it is done

This is a big one and is the easiest way to find new people because they are always looking to see whether it is possible to do better. They are always challenging the traditional way of delivering and unfortunately sacked because of this.

Employers should embrace these people because it is only by challenging how things are done we can do them better. If you hear someone tell you “It has always been done this way.” then you know this is an area that desperately needs some innovation.

Practice by looking at all the steps involved in the activities and see if any wasted or do better with existing technology.

become a child again

Children have a strong knack for getting to the heart of the matter quickly, and so can you. If you follow these simple techniques.

When faced with activities or projects ask why it is done this way. Then for every answer they give you, ask why at least four times.

This will drill down to the real reason why something is done and surprisingly it is not always what you think. This type of questioning is useful to find and remove “always” answers.

In some cases, even given product or items to children and allow them to play with it can highlight aspects that adults lose.

break their habits and practices

To be innovative you need to freshen up your creative juices and experience new things yourself. This means you have to stop doing what you always do and use the following methods in your daily activities.

  • Change how you go and go to work
  • Travel to a nearby town for the day and just watch people do what they do
  • Eat at different restaurants or dining rooms
  • Find recreational activities you have not done before and go do it on the weekend
  • Read books that you normally would never read
  • Open dictionary to a random page and memorize at least five new words you did not know
  • Join groups to which you would not normally participate and listen to their ideas

Overall, innovation is about to experience different and new ways of doing business so you can see if someone the willingness of the activities.

Get involved in learning for life and challenge yourself to do at least thirty new things every year.


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