Innovation Road Maps


operator complex product development, business planning and other innovation, it is important to organize information efficiently, not only as a communication tool for the project team, but to provide a means for the activity. By systematizing information visually, the process can be simplified and the goals and the allocation of resources can be efficiently identified. Of course, finding and creating a visual that do this well can be a huge effort in itself, even if the wage and the right created innovative visualization tools can be well worth it.

One of the main visualization tools will be discussed in this article are the road map.

Road mapping is performed visualizing planning information to contact the market, technology and product needs. By mapping the road process, companies and organizations achieve greater visibility across the enterprise, providing decision-making and management with the information necessary to make accurate and informed decisions about the development.

Road maps are useful for capturing long-range innovation and development programs. The techniques and tools “Road mapping” is one way to adapt to change road map allows you to visualize the various sides involved in strategic innovation, including:

  • The “Big Picture” inspections planning policy
  • Project time line
  • cooperation areas and dependence
  • Resources needed to support policy
  • changing pattern of relationships

Road map help define of of and why data on innovation efforts. A living document, the road map provides ongoing situational description of the innovation activities. It also acts as a database map for a lot of other topics related to the development effort allows users to drill down from a big-picture road map detailed plans of the project, marketing and engineering documents or financial data analysis.

Depending on the project or development activities, many road map may be used. Some of the main types: market strategy, technology, platforms, products and visionary road map. Market Road maps are used to estimate how the market will develop over the lifetime of the product. Strategy road maps are often tied to market road map, but can also contain tactical considerations. Maps Platform roads are used by organizations that wish to develop decisions product of their core technology or process. Plan how the underlying core platform developed is very important. Logistics maps are used to map out how the product will evolve. Visionary road map, but mentioned last in this series are often made for others, as they define the essential themes or goals organization.

Road map creation is now available in innovation management software such as Accept 360, 280Group and Sopheon’s Vision strategist. Along with effective tools database, this software combines the visual advantages road map with integrated drill-down capabilities. Software such as this allows the user to visualize and predict how external market and technology trends will impact product strategy over time, allowing better decisions about product strategy or the introduction of new technologies. Centralization product development planning information, simple data access and utilization of the road map.

Innovation is a process that can and should be measured. Research and analysis shows that companies that apply the road map to the innovation process, in addition to innovation successes and failures, are able to better manage innovation. Using the road map not only allows the project team to monitor and review their effectiveness, but can be used as a diagnostic tool when they see projects underway or past projects. This feedback can then be applied and cycled in the subsequent development.

The road map must be kept up-to-date and shared with cross-functional teams and partners outside the organization to be effective. Manage these projects will present yet another operational challenge, the road map is one of the main methods that allow the body to complex functionality policy innovation and product development.

Overall, road mapping is an effective method for communication Long range planning and development strategies. Just share the road map will help your organization reach agreement on the needs, identify the technologies and processes that will help to meet those needs and adjust the position needed to be successful in meeting those needs.


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