IT Based Innovation in the 21st Century


Innovation is the act of introducing something new in the form of an idea, method or device. New features are designed to do something better, a substantial improvement over existing products, services or processes. IT-based Innovations are incremental and radical development of information and use it for the betterment of society. IT-bases innovations are also considered an important driver of the economy. This article comprises the main driving forces, market and system initiative for IT based innovation and services and where the community and aims of these advances, in the 21st century.

best innovation in the 21st century, so far, is the introduction of the cell processor. Cell processor is a microprocessor architecture jointly developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM. The first major commercial application of the Cell processor in Sony Play-station. It is possible to work and make real-time three-dimensional movements on a very fast rate. This has been a tremendous improvement over the gaming experience. The Second Best program has presented a radical change in medicine is the use of cell processor in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). MRI provides an unparalleled view inside the human body. Use traditional processors of the 20th century, it took almost five hours or sometimes a day to produce one image. With the invention of the cell processor same can be done within a fraction of a second. This has enabled the surgeons to follow body movements in real time to perform surgery.

One of the best innovations of the 21st century, the development of computer systems. In the early stage of computer development computer system was considered only a combination of storage, printers, networks and software. Gradually the system improved with the introduction of a gigantic centralized storage. Distributed storage is that the data part of the various business units and departments. Furthermore, it scaled to “End-to-end enterprise” with infrastructure such as web based applications and services. Today this revolution is changed to Global Digital Economy where people, processes and information are attacked in one Eco-System. Not only big giants like IBM, Sony, GM but also small industries and vendors are part of this ecosystem. The system today everyone is connected to everyone else. Small producers are part of the eco system of large companies. And it seems that we are integrating all part of one global ecosystem. Building such a complex system requires a mature development tools. The real challenge is that the tools are very primitive for that. The solution to that is to see all the eco-system joints various small parts. The whole world of the system has a very unpredictable symptoms and the focus has now shifted from the hosts and buy for people and services. For example, engineering Hospital system has become more complex then build Boing aircraft. Individual engineers can build a Boing provide BOM (bills of materials). But it is very difficult for individuals to build a working business system that includes people and services and has unpredictable behavior.

This development system may be as a pyramid, starting with the application on the ground, by product and top ends of technology. This represents the number of jobs we have in every phase. Today we have advanced so much in technology, we have very less people need to investigate improvement over current technology. There is a greater number of jobs there in the market to develop products using this technology rather than innovation current technology. At the bottom of all that we have an application. Those who can use the technology part and help design trading systems, the maximum number of jobs in the market. Applying technology company has more flexibility than technology innovation person.

All these IT based innovations have created information overload. The ecosystem today we have a lot of information available on the computer system, applications, web, email, IM in the form of text, audio, video and interactive multimedia. This information is of no use if it does not help to make a real decision. More emphasis on semantic analysis and search for information based on personalization. The most prominent application using semantic and real-time analysis is personalized medicine. Such a system does not only decision based on the characteristics of deceases, but also uses the genomic structure of the individual prescribing appropriate drugs. Sometimes pointing machine many options and it will be very difficult to choose between them. The solution to that is the emergence of social networks. By people in similar professions can help each other by Web 2.0 applications, where action helps people making applications and decision better.

Finally, with we can say that “At the threshold of the 21st Century Business Revolution is the impact of technological innovation, people participation and business process automations”.


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