Recent innovations in Welding


There has been a burst of innovation in the welding industry lately has led to better, higher quality machines that do the job at less cost and less fuss. Recent welders with advanced electronics are now able to provide the same amperage to run off of normal household current instead of 220V, which is much less common.

This may mean setting up takes less time, and you can easily weld in places that were difficult before. If you have a manufacturing facility, this may also mean lower energy bills too. It also means that the welder you need to roll around before can now be handheld and more easily carried to the work sites and problems with you into small spaces.

Other welders now come with a built-in generator so that you can power additional tools such as lights or grinder, and use welder as reserve power in the next power outage phone. This is a welcome innovation that puts two very useful tools in one compact package that often costs less than buying a generator and then buy welder himself.

Both provide comfort and power that simply was not available even just a few years ago in the welding industry. In some cases, you must choose whether to power or to weld at a time, while other more expensive units allowing both occur at the same time. We look forward to future innovations that allow more power for your dollar, and do welding in tough places even easier.


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